Mark Keating


Mark was raised in rural Mn amongst a family of musicians.  As one of six boys, he and his brothers began their studies of the piano at the age of 4.  At the age of 12 Mark began playing the drums, which became his primary instrument for the next 15 years.  When Mark was 13 years old he began working professionally in several bands in his area, playing several styles including rock, polka, country, and jazz, to name a few.  During his school years, Mark continued to work in a variety of different settings, paving the way for his future eclectic tastes.   During his twenties Mark continued to play in the twin city area with artists such as Jennifer Grimm, Lip Service Band, Large Diamond, The R factor, The 123, as well as subbing with many other groups.  Mark also played drums on over a dozen recordings at this time.  At age 29, Mark began extensive study of fingerstyle guitar.  Drawing inspiration from Michael Hedges, Leo Kottke, Pierre Bensusan, as well as artists such as John Dowland and Turlough O'Carolan for their compositions in traditional and Celtic music.  After 5 years of study, Mark began playing in the twin city area at various wine bars and coffee houses, honing his live show.  In late 2011 Mark released his first solo effort, "One in the Same".  which was a reflection of his musical journey.  From Jazz, to drudging Rock, to folk style instrumentals, the album is diverse, but yet cohesive in content.  Mark is currently working on his second solo  album, which is set to be released in mid 2015.